BONUS 10 – Timesuck Sucks Itself

October 06, 2017

Timesuck sucks itself in this special 1,000 review bonus edition of Timesuck! Why did I create Timesuck in the first place? Why did I get into standup at all? Where was I born and raised and by whom? I reveal more about myself, my history in standup, and what I hope to do with the Suck than I ever have before in this special episode for true Timesuck fans only. If you’ve never listened to Timesuck before, start on a different episode and this one later. If you’re a member of the cult of the curious, I hope you enjoy!

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Me now!

Me on Leno!

Me at Playboy!

Me in South Africa!



  1. jackson says:

    Dan I am so so so stoked to be a space lizard, I absolutely cannot wait. I truly love what you have done with this project and I am so glad you are enjoying it as much as we are. One thing I wanted to ask you is when you design the app please if there is any way you can possibly do this, make it accessible on the time suck website. I own a very dumb phone and will not be able to download it. however I would love to contribute to the suck by paying a little bit every month especially if it means added content. I enjoyed this episode very much by the way. it was nice to learn a little bit more about the podcast that allows me to enjoy each and every Monday 100% more than I did before it was around. keep on doing what your doing suck master
    sincerely, your humble suckling,
    Reverend Jackson E. Compton, prophet of nimrod and puppy stompin’ suckin’ fucker for life.

  2. Anthony says:

    Okay, seriously, your teacher’s name was Buck Fitch, and you didn’t go for the OBVIOUS letter swap joke?

    For shame, suckmaster, for shame…

  3. Jon S says:

    Somehow missed this episode until today (despite remembering you mention it several times on previous podcasts) and I just wanted to say thank you for not quitting in 2001. Stand up keeps getting better and I can’t wait to see how far you can take the suck (pun intended)

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