63 – BTK Killer: Bind. Torture. Kill.

November 27, 2017

BTK. Bind. Torture. Kill. The name Wichita Serial Killer Dennis Rader gave to himself in the 1970s in letters he sent to the Wichita press where he would flaunt his crimes and taunt the police. He bound, tortured, and killed various residents of Wichita for nearly two decades and made residents fear him for three, all while raising two kids, being a devoted husband and becoming President of his church. Is it possible to be a good dad and be a cold-blooded sadistic murdered? Find out in this Midwest serial killer edition of Timesuck.

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Dennis Rader aka BTK killer at his 2005 sentencing hearing in Wichita.

A Josie Otero doll Dennis once sent in to the press

Dennis with daughter Kerri on a fishing trip in 2002.

Dennis with his daughter and son-in-law weeks before his 2005 capture.

Some of BTK’s victims.

Young Dennis Rader in the Air Force.

The Otero family murder victims.

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