62 – Dyatlov Pass Incident

November 20, 2017

Sometime in the late hours of Feb. 1st, 1959, nine Russian college students died tragically in the Northern Ural mountains of the Soviet Union. When their bodies were finally found, a strange crime scene unfolded. The hikers had cut their way out of their tent in the dead of Winter. They didn’t bother putting on their shoes. Violence broke out that left one hiker with a fractured skull, another with a crushed rib cage, another with internal head injuries. They were burned in various places. They died in various states of undress. What happened? I present the most plausible options, and some not so plausible but at least interesting options, in this Russian mystery edition of Timesuck!

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Two of the bodies discovered in the snow
The tent as it was found by a search party

Igor Dyatlov
Alexander Kolevatov
Lyudmila Dubinina
Nikolai Thibeaux
One of the last photos of the hikers
Rustem Slobodin
Semyon “Sasha” Zolotaryov
Yuri Doroshenko
Yuri Krivonischenko

Zinaida “Zina” Kolmogorova


  1. Steu says:

    49:29 “They were just “Russian” out that fast (couldn’t resist the urge)

  2. ES says:

    Obviously, that bastard hound Bojangles did this. His paw prints in the snow were disregarded due to only having three legs. He fired various beams from his laser eye causing panic in the tent, calm in the cold, as well as burns and injuries sustained by the group. I’ve hated Bojangles since he ruined Norma Jean’s life. Nonetheless, he is a hero to all Timesuckers and the herald of ALL MIGHTY NIMROD!!

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