61 – Chief Crazy Horse

November 13, 2017

Chief Crazy Horse. Pride of the Lakota people. Brilliant military tactician who handed the US Military it’s two greatest losses ever delivered at the hands of the Sioux Nation. Who was this fearless warrior and who were his people? Why did he fight? Why was the process of integration between white European settlers and American Indians so terribly complicated? Why am I saying “American Indian” instead of “Native American”? All of this and so much more in today’s enlightening and entertaining episode of Timesuck.

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Chief Crazy Horse

Lakota Flesh Offering

Chief Crazyhorse Memorial

Chief Crazy Horse Memorial

Chief Crazy Horse Memorial

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  1. Matt says:

    I hope there was a little more to your reasoning for saying “American Indian” instead of “Native American,” because not only did you call America a country (which is used in casual semantics but isn’t true, America can also refer to all of North America or all Americas), but “American Indian” still has “American” in it so it isn’t actually any better. Sounds to me like there aren’t more reasons to pick one over the other (though I think “Native American” is better personally), so you basically have a 50/50 shot and people should just grow thicker skin.

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