59 – The Shadow People

October 30, 2017

Welcome to a Halloween edition of Timesuck! Have you ever felt like something in the shadows was watching you? Something ominous. Have you ever woken up to the sensation that a strange, dark, presence was in your room? Or, have you actually seen a shadowy figure, darker than the night around it, a menacing human shape with no eyes or, ever worse, red, glowing eyes? If yes, you have encountered a shadow person. But what even is a shadow person? A demonic entity? An extraterrestrial? Some astral traveller or being from another dimension? Or, was your mind just playing tricks on you? Can science explain this phenomenon? All of this addressed, plus several chilling, first-hand Shadow People stories shared, on today’s Timesuck!

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Sketch of alleged Top Hat Demon sighting

Sketch of red eyed demonic shadow person

British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking

Former Coast to Coast host, Art Bell


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  1. Casey says:

    Is it weird that I was super happy about the mention of Bettie Page? Yep, kind of a super fan of her’s. She was amazing. As are you Dan Dan. Thanks for the suckage Reverand General Suckmaster. Hail Nimrod and Bojangles!

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