57 – The Butcher of Rostov

October 16, 2017

We go REAL dark this week on Timesuck with an examination of Russian serial killer and relentless sadist Andrei Chikatilo, a monster who killed between 53-56 men, women, and mostly children between 1978 and 1990 in Southeastern Russia in horrific eye-removing fashion. I also delve into the psychological reasons we are interested in serial killers. Why is true crime so popular? Why do we love it? Turns it out it’s totally mentally healthy to be fascinated with this nonsense. So enjoy guilt-free!

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Ukrainian cannibals during the Holodomor
Collage of Andrei Chikatilo and his victims
The head of one of Chikatilo’s victims presented as evidence
Grandpa Chikatilo
Young Andrei and his wife Fayima


  1. Kieran B says:

    Hey Dan! I’m seriously enjoying your wacky podcast. HAIL NIMROD!!

  2. Michael, OR says:

    Good stuff! Keep on suckin!! (When isn’t viewer discretion highly advised on The Suck?)

  3. Ranson says:

    Dear Rev Dr. Suckmaster,
    I love learning about these crazy serial killers with you. I have been fascinated by them mainly, I think, due to my Wisconsin upbringing. Jist curious if you plan on doing a show, or have done any research on why so many psychopaths and serial killers are made in Wisconsin? It just seems strange that almost everyone I know back home seems to have some personal connection with someone who has murdered someone else, for example; my grandparents lived in Plainsfield, WI while Ed Gein was eating chicks and redecorating, my father routinely bought chocolate for my mother from that shop that Dhamer worked at (while he worked there), and I bought my first truck from the Avery’s junkyard from Steven. What the fuck is in the cheese in Wisconsin? Love your show, keep up that sweet sweet suckfest!

  4. Corey Oswald says:


    The picture in the top right hand corner is actually Elizabeth Short AKA The Black Dahlia. I was waiting to seee when that would become a part of the story and was only slightly bummed out. Still a great episode

    1. Bojangles says:

      Oh no, really? Sorry Corey. The photo matched a crime scene description and was listed as being the victim of Chikatilo. Damn you INTERNET!!

      1. Corey Oswald says:

        The only reason I mentioned it was because I actually have her face tattooed on my arm and I recognized the crime scene photo. Still waiting to hear a suck on that murder mystery. Like i said, still a great episode, helps me get through another boring day in the office. Praise Nimrod, have a great night.

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